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Endurance Coaching
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What are your endurance athletic goals?

My coaching goals include:

to coach you to be your own coach...
to teach you to be your own teacher...
to help you learn what training methods and sports psychology approaches work best for you...
to actively enable you to perform at your peak, and to surpass your previous best.

I have worked and trained with world-class athletes, coached high school student athletes and masters athletes ranging in skills from beginner, to age-group, to elite.
You will have access to my 25+ years of personal and shared experience in planning and executing your own peak performance.

Endurance Coaching

  • Comprehensive training plans with optimized periods
  • Goal setting (5k, marathon and ultra endurance running, triathlon, USCF cycling)
  • Strength and agility baseline assesments
  • Overall fitness and endurance benchmark evaluations
  • Individually-coached training sessions

Nordic Ski Services:

On-snow Lessons and Training Plans
  • 6-24 month American Birkiebeiner preparation plans
  • Individual sessions and self-scheduled groups of 3-5
    Technique & Drills - Classic and Skate
  • Training sessions:
    Skiing trails at Wirth Park in Minneapolis, weather permitting
    Off season strength training, heavy bag and medicine ball work, track workouts
  • Waxing instructions

Please send an email to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

The more information you can provide about your athletic background, accomplishments,
long term and short term goals, the better your training plan can be tailored to you.

Thank you for your interest in working with me to help you improve your performance!

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