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How to Get a Massage

You merely relax and enjoy, right? Sure, sometimes that is just what your body and mind need, but if you want to get the most out of your massage, try these ideas:

Close your eyes, and allow yourself to settle into a deep, regular breathing pattern. Let your attention drift to any areas that might be holding tension. If you feel any tightness, focus your attention on that specific place in your body.

Breathe! Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. There is a tendency to brace against tension and hold the breath. Breathe into tense areas and feel the muscle tissue relax as you exhale. When you experience a muscle release, continue your easy breathing and let your attention wander again. If you feel tension anywhere else, or if your attention is directed to the same place again, once again focus, breathe, and relax.

It can be beneficial for both the massage therapist and client to remain silent during the massage, focusing attention on the release of tension, but the session is your time, and you may talk if you wish.

During the massage, please do communicate with your therapist if the pressure is too light or too deep for your needs, or if you feel any referred sensations (for example, a tingling in the arm while the neck is massaged).

Let your limbs and head be heavy. The therapist will move your body into the position best suited for the technique. Your therapist may ask you to contract a muscle while pressure is applied to a complementary muscle as it stretches.

Our bodies may hold deep, unresolved emotions as muscular tension. During a massage session, these emotions might be triggered as the muscles release. Some clients laugh, a few cry or sigh. Some fall in and out of sleep.

After a massage, most clients feel a combination of increased relaxation. Some feel more energetic. However, it is possible to experience stiffness, nausea or sleepiness due to toxin release. It is best to drink plenty of water to aid the body's natural elimination processes.

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