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Massage News

Elite athletes depend on sports massage
Massage Magazine, April 2016 ] - Brandi Schlossberg

The benefits of massage are obvious... and subtle
[ Edge Magazine, May 2013 ] - Scott Hatch

Massage proves to have medical benefits
[ Fox News/Wall Street Journal, March 14th, 2012 ]

Massage changes gene expression and reduces inflammation
[ Discover Magazine, February 1, 2012 ]

How massage heals sore muscles
[ New York Times, February 6, 2012 ]

Massage is finding a place in the healthcare field
[ WebMD, AMTA, December 5, 2011 ]

This hospice therapy comes with songs and massage
LA  Times Article - February 2, 2011 ]

OHPQuantum Massage for Triathletes
Scott provides massage at events like the OptumHealth Performance Camp 2010, July 23rd-25th in Madison, Wisconsin. Massage helps athletes prepare for the Wisconsin Ironman Triathlon. 

Massage and Alzheimer's Disease: what would Maslow say?
[ Massage Today article ]

Olympic Swimmers: In the pool, on the massage table
"Dara Torres books a massage three times a week."

Massage: a relaxing method to relieve stress and pain
Chronic stress can put the sympathetic nervous system into overdrive. Potentially, over time, this "flight or fight" response may activate depression or anxiety. Massage helps calm the nervous system.  [ article on MayoClinic.com ]

Sports Massage in the news
"It hurts, but it's the good kind of hurt."  [
NY Times article ]

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