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Also located at 43rd and Bryant Avenue in the East Harriet Neighborhood of Minneapolis, Float Foundation is designed exclusively for the best floating experience. Floating is a powerful complement to bodywork, best enjoyed just before relaxing even more deeply into the massage table. From the Why People Float page, "Floating is an exceptionally effective stress reduction tool. Reduced sensory input (no light, no sound, no touch, and no human interaction) combined with the feeling of weightlessness, and the complete relaxation of every single muscle in your body, allows the mind to drift into a peaceful and undisturbed state. People emerge from floating amazingly calm, grounded and happy."

Float Foundation Benefits

Gorilla Yogis is a movement, a migration to yoga beyond studio walls. Gorilla Yogis gather to practice urban jungle yoga in unexpected places. In parks, museums, art galleries, restaurants, music venues, on river barges, rooftop decks, on farms, abandoned spaces, and baseball fields. It's yoga out of captivity. Each month, donation-based yoga events raise money for organizations that are doing hard work to make this jungle an awesome place to live. Complimentary massages at an event make the jungle even more awesome!

Members of the Blaisdell & Southdale YMCA have received discounts on massage sessions with Scott since 2004.

Scott provided hundreds of massages to marathoners, many of them new to running, through the American Heart Association's Train to End Stroke program. 

Quantum Massage Works started in the Kingfield Neighborhood of Minneapolis before moving to the East Harriet Neighborhood in 2014. The Kingfield Neighborhood Association works to support and promote the common good and welfare of the neighborhood. The KNFA is the founding sponsor of the Kingfield Farmer's market.

The Adventures of Super Stretch™ is an Educational Fitness Program with empowering books, flashcards, and games developed for children of all ages. The Adventures of Super Stretch™ is a great introduction to fitness for the whole family, regardless of age, ability or level of health. It teaches children to express and empower themselves, while having fun being healthy. Jessica Rosenberg is the founder of Super Stretch, and co-founder of Gorilla Yogis. Jessica is a Quantum client who lives to share, mentor and spread the wonders of yoga movement, breathing and philosophy.

Salubrious means healthful, and Team Salubrious is a fun group of runners who train together. Veterans guide new runners, and the group offers classes each season on topics like nutrition, massage, cross-training, and injury prevention.

Quantum Massage Works partnered with Fit Fams in 2005. Fit Fams was program that helped school districts promote wellness among their student population and their families.

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