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Scott Hatch

Scott Hatch is an artist, endurance athletic coach, sound healer, teacher and a second-generation bodyworker. He started Quantum Massage in 2004.

Mr. Hatch has enjoyed hundreds of endurance events --  bicycling, skiing, track & field races and triathlons -- all free of injury, thanks to great coaching, essential sports nutrition, and massage!  

Scott has raced 13 Birkebeiner ski marathons, and in 2008, he finished in 2 hours and 48 minutes. In 2009, he sqeaked out another personal best time by 15 seconds, and then decided to take a long nap (or ten) -- and then to ski less competively and more recreationally for a few years. Tai-Chi has been a regular part of Scott's training for 20 years.

Scott's work and training has given him the experience to provide massage for various worldwide productions, taking him backstage at performances by artists such as:

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Blue Man Group
Scott has provided massage at a variety of events, including:   
  • University of Minnesota: "A Healing Touch," an event organized by AHC Multicultural Society to help medical, nursing, and dental students reduce anxiety and Ace their exams.
  • Best of the US Triathlon Championships 
  • SCS Multisport Base Camp
  • SCS Ironman Wisconsin Camp
  • American Heart Association/American Stroke Association - Scott provided hundreds of massages for many marathoners over 4 seasons of a team training program.  
Scott has spoken with athletic teams, performance groups, and high school classes about the benifits of goal-setting, self-care, and bodywork.

He throroughly enjoyed challenging and motivating student athletes -- as Nordic Skiing Head Coach at The Blake School, and as Assistant Coach at Patrick Henry High School. Scott taught swimming classes at the Blaisdell YMCA for four years and currently teaches private drown-proofing classes in lakes and pools around Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Scott is currently writing, recording, and co-producing a bodywork album called QuantumBodyMusic with Jason Keillor. It's their third recording project together. QuantumBodyMusic is a dovetail of Scott's training and experience, drawing from his 12 years of bodywork and 27 years playing music -- violin, harmonica and bass guitar. QuantumBodyMusic is intended to be a dynamic sound healing soundtrack for mindful activities like massage, Tai Chi, Yoga, or meditation. 

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