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Sound Healing

Singing bowl

Sound has powerful effects on the human body. The vibrations produced by tuning forks and singing bowls help the cells, tissues, fluids, and the subtle energies of the living body to realign with its original blueprint, increasing harmony and restoring vitality.

Muscle and connective tissue become more relaxed and supple with precise application of specific vibrational patterns to trigger and acupressure points. When specific muscular trigger points are activated, chronic tension subsides and pain fades quickly. The nervous system can even be tuned like an instrument with sound waves. 

When the tuning forks are used off the body, in the surrounding energy field, the vibration can be held or moved in circles around each chakra. Each of the chakras has an individual frequency, which we hear as notes on a musical scale.

The power of harmonious sounds and physical vibrations work together to correct imbalances, uncover and soothe emotions, stimulate growth, development, and transformation, facilitating inner harmony and wholeness.

Experience sound healing before a massage, or as an individual treatment.

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