Quantum Massage Works

Quantum Massage Works

John Shelp and his wife, Michelle both enjoy massage at Quantum. "I've worked with Scott on several levels. As a coach, athlete and massage therapist, Scott's innate ability to sense energy/stress levels and repond appropriately has been invaluable to me. His work with me as a professional triathlete was vital in getting me through some tough seasons in top form. As a coach myself, I recommend Scott to all my athletes! During my wife's recent pregnancy she has found Scott a joy to work with, and found his ability to help her body manage the physical/emotional stess of pregnancy a blessing."
- John Shelp,
Professional Endurance Coach and Triathlete

Regular client Sharon Stubbler first came to Quantum for maintenance massage in 2007. Sharon is a former collegiate All-American, and 3-time Olympic trials runner. In 2008, the massage sessions were focused on relief from a persistant pain in her foot that limited both training and racing. With every session, Sharon's foot improved, even as she continuted running every day. She received massages more regularly in 2009 as her training ramped up for another peak season.  She is running injury free. As a LaCrosse native, it was a special joy for her to win the LaCrosse marathon on May 3rd, 2009. 

Nicole Cueno is a 2:42 marathoner, and Olympic trials runner. She came in for her first session, a race tune-up massage, and then a week later, won the Fargo Marathon on May 9th, 2009.  

Donna Radford won a Quantum Massage gift certificate from the American Stroke Association while training for her first marathon in 2004. 5 years later, Donna is still using massage twice a month to boost her wellness. She is pain and injury free. Having worked with Scott through the challenges of meeting her 50 pound weight loss goal, now Donna consistently impresses both Scott and her trainer with her ability to complete workouts that wear out athletes 20 years her junior. 

Dan Cohen gets a massage in a pinch and wins. “Heavy training loads put a tremendous amount of stress on muscles and connective tissues. I have worked with Scott on several occasions to help restore the integrity of my muscles and keep my body in working order. A couple of years ago, I developed an upper hamstring injury the day after Timberman triathlon in Grand Rapids. I had some major races coming up and needed to get back on track as quickly as possible. I went to go see Scott at Quantum Massage Works to get some advice and to get my damaged muscles back in working condition. I have to say, whatever Scott did worked because I went on to win the super-competitive Turtleman triathlon and finish 2nd at The Minnesota State Championships (behind Brian Bich) a mere 3 weeks after the injury. I highly recommend Scott and Quantum Massage Works for both preventative and post-injury work."
-Dan Cohen, Professional Endurance Coach and Triathlete

Jeff Olmstead came in worried about his health. "I came in for a massage to help relieve incredible pain in my rib cage and back. I felt like I tore something playing tennis. I was having trouble breathing, and after getting only tylenol at the ER, came in for a massage. Scott found inflammation and scar tissue in my lats and the muscles around my ribs. After two massage sessions, I was playing nearly without pain, and after another two, my doubles team won the league. I'm poised to have a great summer of pain-free tennis." -
Jeff Olmstead

Eric Vollen and Scott Rohr enjoy the balancing effect of massage. Eric sings with the Minnesota Opera, runs and skis marathons, and models for national publications. He uses massage to prepare and recover for events. Scott conducts a choir and performs as a concert pianist, and tunes his body regularly with massage. "We do a lot with our hands - knitting, blogging, cooking, playing piano, waxing skis, and massage keeps our old man hands, and the rest of our elderly bodies pain free!" - Eric Vollen (age 36)

Regular client John Dols needed a break between a summer of traveling across the country as part of his work as Campus minister, and his new job as Dean of Students at a new school. 

“I had only one day off, and I wanted to make the most of it.   I wanted to be at my best for my new job, so I decided to get another massage at Quantum, and as always, it was so worth it."
-John Dols, Dean of Students for Academic Support
Holy Family Catholic High School

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